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First time visit?

We advise you to review and finish your patient paperwork before your first visit if you are new to our practice. This allows our staff to complete your paperwork more quickly and give you more time with our kind dentist. Call us at our Eastleigh: +254 717 123440 or our Garissa: +254-720 000 701 right away if you have any inquiries about our patient forms or if you want to set up your next visit. All data that is gathered is kept private and won’t be disclosed to anybody else without your consent. In order to reserve your appointment, please verify that you have received the automatic confirmation email or text that was sent to you.

What we will do for you

Your dentists will thoroughly examine your teeth and gums at your initial visit, record any fillings or other dental work that is already in place, and take the necessary intra-oral photos and low-dose digital x-rays. The screening of more serious dental problems including oral cancer, gum disease (periodontitis), and any infections that may be present is another incredibly significant—and frequently underreported—role of your dental examination.

We promote open communication between our patients. Their expectations and dental questions with us.
Ask anything you want when you go to the dentist about any dental issues, procedures, or inquiries you might have. Also, your dentist might use this chance to talk about your customized treatment program, of which I will send a soft copy.

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